Students live in a friendly and caring community which is committed to their safety and welfare. Students receive outstanding Health & Well-being support specifically designed for dancers.
We are proud to be a world class centre of excellence for the training and education of classical ballet dancers where graduating students are prepared to secure contracts with national and international ballet companies. Teachers come from successful professional dance backgrounds and teach with passion and commitment.
A student-focussed learning experience maximises each studentís potential in learning, living and dancing skills. The positive learning environment and high expectations prepare our graduates for life in the very best national and international ballet companies.
Elmhurst in Association with Birmingham Royal Ballet is a world renowned centre of excellence for the training and education of ballet dancers. Students are equipped with the skills, resilience and creativity to succeed and make a difference in the professional dance world and beyond.



Elmhurst’s boarding philosophy is to create an extension to home, and allow our students to Live, Dance and Learn.

We expect students and staff living together to work and live within the Elmhurst Way: choose the right attitude, be there, have fun and make someone’s day. Elmhurst respects the individual needs our students, and we foster a caring and creative environment. We aim to support the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each young person training to become an articulate, educated dancer.

Elmhurst will provide safe, caring and happy surroundings that allows all students, regardless of background, language, gender, culture, social, racial and religious to benefit from the excellent education that the school has to offer.

Elmhurst employs staff who are skilled, dedicated and committed to the well-being and holistic development of all students.

The overarching aim is to provide a happy, productive family atmosphere. The pastoral policies of the school, its facilities and boarding houses, the continuing improvement in the enrichment activities and the commitment to the training and development of the staff, all demonstrate a commitment to the long-term future of boarding at Elmhurst School.


The Benefits of Boarding

There are many benefits of boarding and we feel that our pupils both enjoy and find the whole experience a positive one.

It is the policy of the school to ensure that the following advantages and benefits of boarding are on offer to all Students:


Boarders Health and Wellbeing

  • Boarding offers a caring environment within a dance and academic framework.
  • A specific multidisciplinary Health and Wellbeing team to provide both whole school health leadership and individualised student health plans.
  • A well developed Health and Welfare student induction program.
  • The benefits of eating together socially in the school’s bistro.


Safety of Boarders

  • Clear and supported policies for both staff and students, including: Child protection, Anti-bullying, Problem Sharing, Sex and Relationships and Drug Misuse policy.
  • A safe, caring and student centred environment.


Activities and Free Time

  • Boarding can offer stability in each child’s life and the school will always aim to work in partnership with parents/guardians to help enhance our students boarding experiences.
  • The wide range of enrichment experiences offered allows for a holistic development of each child.
  • The spiritual and moral development of students is enhanced by the cultural diversity, the charitable and community service work and opportunities to explore spiritual issues.
  • Leadership, teamwork, assertiveness, independent thought, all within the context of living within a community, form part of students’ ‘transferable skills’. Especially in preparation for life as a dancer.
  • The supportive nature of the community is of benefit to all. Individual support can be offered to those with a learning difficulties, emotional/ behavioural problems or students joining us from overseas.


Promoting Positive Behaviour and Relationships

  • The Elmhurst Way; promoted and supported.
  • Community spirit is the essence of the boarding community. Such a spirit can engender a feeling of belonging, togetherness and respect for others. It teaches pupils to live effectively and in harmony with each other.
  • Involvement in a wide range of both national and local charity support fund raising programs.


The Boarding Structure at Elmhurst

There are five boarding houses, four of which are on site. Accommodation varies from year to year depending on pupil numbers. 

Fischer House: Fischer House is home for the Year 7 girls. There are nine twin study bedrooms with wash basins. Toilet, shower and bath facilities are nearby. There is also a large student lounge with flat screen digital TV, DVD player and Wii, a separate kitchen, a laundry room and a telephone booth.

Mortimer House: Mortimer House is home for the Year 7 - Year 11 boys. There are 17 twin study bedrooms with wash basins. Toilet, shower and bath facilities are nearby. There are two student lounges, both with TVs, digi-boxes and DVD players, two separate kitchens, a laundry area and two telephone booths. Students also have the use of a Nintendo Wii.

Park House: Park House is home for the Years 7, 8 and 9 girls. There are 20 twin study bedrooms with wash basins. Toilet, shower and bath facilities are nearby. There is a student lounge, with kitchen facilities, TVs, digi-box and DVD player and a Nintendo Wii. There is a further separate kitchen, a laundry area and two pay phone booths.

Hetherington: Hetherington House is home for the Year 10 and 11 girls. There are 31 single en suite study bedrooms. There is a large student lounge, a separate kitchen, laundry room and a telephone booth.

The Elms: The Elms is off the main site and is home for the Year 12 & 13 students. There are 14 twin study bedrooms and two single rooms, a student lounge/dining area, a large separate kitchen, laundry room, telephone booth and garden. The Elms is staffed by two House Parents, both of whom work on the main school site during the academic day.

Occasionally younger or older students may need to remain in the same House or move to an older year group House to accommodate all the students who have been successful in gaining a place at Elmhurst.

Year 14: Students live in rented accommodation within easy access of the school. Students and parents are given advice and usually transfer from one group of Elmhurst students to another by liaising directly with the landlord.


Boarding Staff

Each boarding house is staffed by a House Parent and Assistant House Parent teams, Mortimer House also has a Resident Assistant. In addition, nurses are on duty throughout the day and on call during nights to manage medical call outs

Click here to view the Boarding Schools' Association website's national standards guidelines

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