Elmhurst Associates


Elmhurst has been running an Associate programme in Birmingham since 2006 (formerly Pre-Vocational Programme) and in Manchester, Plymouth and Sunderland since 2011.

The programme offers weekend dance classes to young dancers aged eight to 11 year olds. The programme is designed to engage students in dance while nurturing and developing excellence in classical ballet technique (current dance teacher's permission must be granted).

The current cost per class is £8.50 in all areas; there are three terms of ten weeks' each.
No talented child will be excluded because of financial constraints.

Associate programme students are encouraged to audition for entry to Elmhurst at 11.

Elmhurst Associates audition dates will be announced soon. 

Click here to download an application form.
Our guide to the photographs needed is included in the Application Form download; girls should wear a leotard with bare legs and feet, boys should wear shorts and fitted t-shirt with bare legs and feet.


For enquiries about Elmhurst Associates,contact the Registrar (click to e-mail)

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