Students live in a friendly and caring community which is committed to their safety and welfare. Students receive outstanding Health & Well-being support specifically designed for dancers.
We are proud to be a world class centre of excellence for the training and education of classical ballet dancers where graduating students are prepared to secure contracts with national and international ballet companies. Teachers come from successful professional dance backgrounds and teach with passion and commitment.
A student-focussed learning experience maximises each studentís potential in learning, living and dancing skills. The positive learning environment and high expectations prepare our graduates for life in the very best national and international ballet companies.
Elmhurst in Association with Birmingham Royal Ballet is a world renowned centre of excellence for the training and education of ballet dancers. Students are equipped with the skills, resilience and creativity to succeed and make a difference in the professional dance world and beyond.

Performing with Birmingham Royal Ballet

6.2 and 6.3 Elmhurst students regularly cover or perform roles with Birmingham Royal Ballet. Sometimes ballets also call for younger students to perform particular roles. Recent productions are listed below:

2012-13 Season
Swan Lake: Birmingham, Plymouth, Salford, Sunderland, Cardiff: Swans: Gabrielle Fairhead, Nastazia Philippou; various roles: Alistair Beattie, Joseph Cane, Isaac Cohen, Alexander Drew, Michael Gibbons, Timothy Hill, Paul Oliver, Curtis Pooley, Max Robertson
Cinderella: Birmingham: Children and Mice: Samanatha Clay, Ferne Clifton, Hannah Ellis, Naomi Embury, Gwen Fawcett-Wood; various roles, including Lizard and Frog Coachmen: Joseph Cane, Taylor Clow, Isaac Cohen, Owen Daniels, Timothy Hill, Yujin Muraishi
Aladdin: Birmingham, Plymouth, Salford, Sunderland: Joseph Cane, Taylor Clow, Isaac Cohen, Owen Daniels, Michael Gibbons, Timothy Hill, Shaun Mendum, Yujin Muraishi, Curtis Pooley, Damani Williams
Giselle: Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin: Archie Sladen

2011-12 Season
The Dream: Birmingham: Jordan May and Hannah Ellis as the Changeling Boy
Hobson's Choice: Birmingham: Jemima Morrish and Jordan May
Daphnis and Chloë: Birmingham: Taylor Clow, Owen Daniels, Takeshi Watanabe
The Two Pigeons: Birmingham: Taylor Clow, Owen Daniels, Takeshi Watanabe
The Nutcracker: Birmingham and London: Fritz: Jake Tang, PVP; Children: Penelope Chappelhow, Gwen Fawcett-Wood, Emily Ormsby, Eleanor Philpott, Seirian Griffiths and Curtis Smith (all PVPs), and Hannah Ellis, Francesca Lynn, Sophia Lyon, Matthew Cruddace-Wynne; various roles: Emma Price, Anna Monleon, Nastazia Philippou, Miles Gilliver, Adam Harris, Joseph Taylor, Joshua Woodhams
Beauty and the Beast: various roles: Anna Monleon, Olivia Holland, Adam Harris, Joshua Woodhams, Takeshi Watanabe, Joseph Taylor and Owen Daniels
La Fille mal gardée: Daisy Hulbert, Emma Price
Pineapple Poll: Anna Monleon, Olivia Holland
Checkmate: Anna Monleon, Olivia Holland

2010-11 Season
Coppélia: Act III children: Georgia Smart, Joe Trodd, Rosie Tong, Mathew Cruddance-Wynne, Imogen Lyon, Catriona Parker, Brittany Green, Kyohka Kuga, Jake Davies, Freddie Middleton, Daisy Wales, Josef Jagger, David Stirrup, Daniel Granger, Jay Godden, Billy Brooke, Joseph Massey, Phoebe Ward and Georgia Stanfield
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue: Orazio di Bella, Jack Henry, Shaun McLaughlin, Benjamin Roomes
The Sleeping Beauty, on tour in Japan: Jenna Carroll, Lauren McCarron, Giulia Montesello, Abigail Prudames, Orazio di Bella, Shaun McLaughlin, Lawrence Massie, Ben Roomes
Cinderella: Children and Mice: Lila Beck, Jade Gibson, Nell Maude, Ella McPherson; Stars: Jenna Carroll, Olivia Holland, Scarlett Hollands, Abigail Prudames
Concerto: Olivia Holland, Lauren McCarron, Anna Monleon, Giulia Montesello
Romeo and Juliet: Children: Dylan Price, Harry Simmons; various roles: Orazio di Bella, Marina Bull, Lauren McCarron, Shaun McLaughlin

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