Students live in a friendly and caring community which is committed to their safety and welfare. Students receive outstanding Health & Well-being support specifically designed for dancers.
We are proud to be a world class centre of excellence for the training and education of classical ballet dancers where graduating students are prepared to secure contracts with national and international ballet companies. Teachers come from successful professional dance backgrounds and teach with passion and commitment.
A student-focussed learning experience maximises each student’s potential in learning, living and dancing skills. The positive learning environment and high expectations prepare our graduates for life in the very best national and international ballet companies.
Elmhurst in Association with Birmingham Royal Ballet is a world renowned centre of excellence for the training and education of ballet dancers. Students are equipped with the skills, resilience and creativity to succeed and make a difference in the professional dance world and beyond.

ELMHURST’S Independent Schools Inspectorate SUCCESS

Last month the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visited Elmhurst Ballet School to carry out a Regulatory Compliance Inspection to judge whether the school acts in accordance with the Education Regulations 2014 (Independent School Standards) and the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools.

Following the tough and rigorous two-day inspection, the school’s Principal Jessica Wheeler, and Chair of Governors Roy Shield, are delighted to announce the school passed the review with flying colours. 

The school aims to be a world leader in training and educating ballet dancers, equipping them with the skills, resilience and creativity to succeed and make a difference in the professional dance world and beyond. Alongside their artistic development, pupils are offered a strong academic education and a nurturing environment, so this result is key for the school to continue to realise its objectives.  

To meet the guidelines of the new inspection regime, it is an intense process for all involved. It is necessary to comply with the following eight standards during the procedure, all of which resulted in a positive outcome in the ISI report: 

Quality of education provided; Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils; Welfare, health and safety of pupils; Suitability of staff, supply staff, and proprietors; Premises of and accommodation at schools; Provision of information; Manner in which complaints are handled; and Quality of leadership in and management of schools.          

On behalf of Elmhurst and its Board of Governors, Jessica Wheeler, Principal, said:
We would like to thank everyone involved in contributing to the inspectorate’s success, especially the Leadership and Administrative Teams who undertake much of the work under scrutiny. The five inspectors thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Elmhurst and commented ‘they felt fortunate to visit such a unique school’. They were all hugely impressed with the students who continue to do us proud as some of the best ambassadors for the school. It is with thanks to a school-wide attitude and commitment to being the best, that Elmhurst continues to meet industry guidelines and is the safest and most rewarding environment it can possibly be for its students.” 

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